Booking Cheap Hotel Stay Online

Booking for a cheap hotel stay online is steadily increasing.

From students to families and business travelers just looking for a clean base to stay, cheap accommodation is here to stay.

The popularity of independent travel seems to be responsible for this upcoming trend and hostel and cheap hotel owners are responding offering more services and comfort than ever before.

That being said, it does depend upon your destination. If you book a cheap hotel in London and want anything more than a base from which to explore the city then it’s highly likely that you will be disappointed.

Book a cheap hotel in Bangkok like the 3* Viengtai Hotel which comes has an excellent location and great online rates and you wont be disappointed.

If you have never booked a cheap hotel before, then to get the most out of your stay you need to make sure that you will not expect too much or you will certainly be disappointed and if this is likely to be the case then its best to pay a little more to make sure you get what you really want.

Cheap hotel check list
Cheap hotels generally fall into the 1-2* category and have limited facilities

Location. Don’t expect a prime location if you are booking a budget hotel
Shared facilities. Check the hotel description. You may have to share bathroom facilities though not always.
Room size. Expect your room to be a little cramped. Possibly not a wardrobe but hooks on the wall for your clothes.
Street noise. It’s highly unlikely that your room will have soundproofing.
Double beds . Probably not. More than likely 2 Single beds to sleep 2 people instead of 1 large bed.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a base with no frills from which to explore a city then you will get the most out of a cheap hotel and enjoy your stay.

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