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Things to Know When Using Airbnb

Airbnb can be a great tool for making travel easier, more pleasant and less expensive. Rather than staying at a hotel and paying hotel prices, you can often pay substantially less for more space and usually have a better selection of locations in larger cities. Still, Airbnb can have its tricks and traps, and knowing how to navigate them can make a huge difference in the success of your stay. Here are six strategies to use to ensure your first time using Airbnb is a successful one.

Narrow down your initial search. There are a lot of listings on Airbnb, especially in larger cities. If you search for all listings in, say, San Francisco, you’re going to have more results than you possibly can process. A better approach is to start with specific searches. Narrow down the number of guests, how much space you’ll need (a private room or the entire place), your budget and even a more specific location. That way, you can start off with a small pool of relevant results and then expand your sear…